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A Blast from My Past

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I’m back in Shelbyville. I’m settling into my new job pretty well and I’ve finally got some time to do some of the things I was looking forward to doing once we got down here. I’ve managed to keep in touch with a few of my old high school teachers and this week I visited Shelbyville Central High School for the first time in nearly a decade. It was pretty surreal. About four years ago, the entire building was torn apart and rebuilt. It’s a thing of beauty,to be perfectly honest. As Nicole and I were talking about making the move down here, she definitely had some reservations about the school system. My go-to defense is that I’m brilliant, but there’s a whole “nature vs nurture” argument in that. Now, though, it’s irrelevant. The facilities have finally managed to catch up to the teachers in terms of quality. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a nicer school building. It’s easily on par with some of the big Lake County Illinois schools I’ve seen the past few years, and that’s pretty great.

I also saw an old friend of mine who now teaches there for the first time since Brock’s funeral. I never would have recognized him if he hadn’t been pointed out. Homeboy lost MAD weight. Dude looks good. He’s married with a four year-old son now, so we’re going to hook up and let the kids play at some point soon.  It’ll good for all of us to find another family unit we can collectively hang with.

All in all, the move was a success.  We need our own house, but it’s all about baby steps.  this was totally the right thing to do.


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