About the Artist

Sketching at the Panels on Pages booth at Chicago Comic Con 2010

I was born and raised in middle Tennessee before moving to northern Illinois where I braved fierce winters whilst attending the Robert Morris Institute of Art and Design. As a freelance designer, I’ve worked with local businesses to develop branding and a web presence. In 2007, I began writing a successful weekly column for WizardUniverse.com, the flagship website for Gareb Shamus’s Wizard Entertainment before moving onto reviews in the nationally circulated Wizard magazine. In March of 2009, I, along with fellow Wizard contributors, launched PanelsOnPages.com. PoP! quickly became a fixture in the online geek community with daily updates, a weekly live podcast and exclusive video content. I currently live in Tennessee once again with my lovely wife, our our two kids, a cat and a dog. I dare you to be more wholesome.

My art style utilizes a variety of color palettes and design sensibilities catered specifically to each project. I believe communication is the key to a successful design project. My experiences with a wide range of contacts from local business owners to stars of TV and film have given me an opportunity to hone my communication skills and to juggle a multitude of projects all at once. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my art, writing or for commissions on either design or custom figures.

Please enjoy the sampling of my work I’ve provided here. For more of my writing on a broad range of topics, visit PanelsOnPages.com where I’ve published hundreds of articles in the past 5 years.